ASAP is as much a universal charge to act As Soon As Possible, as it is a rallying call for a drug free Nigeria. Yes, at MTN Foundation we have repurposed the term to mean Anti Substance Abuse Programme. A drug free nation, is an important mission for us.

The ASAP initiative is our dedication to eradicating substance abuse amongst the 10 to 25-year age demographic.


Our key objective is to prevent first-time drug use through a multipronged approach.


Our goal with this site, is to connect with the millions of young people, through engaging content and an immersive Media Centre to inform and educate on the key drug trends. It does not stop with information for us; through our Volunteer and Influencers platforms, we want to recruit YOU to join our fight!


We are not just waiting for you to come to us, we are also spreading our message on the move. Yes! the ASAP Bus is going across six states in Nigeria spreading the word on the importance of substance-abstinence.


We have partnered with professionals from various disciplines, to tackle the menace of substance abuse. Collaborations like these, have helped establish impactful activities like the ASAP Awareness Walk; the State Round Table; and school, bus park and market activations, all designed to drive strong engagements.


So that’s all you need to know about us, feel free to look around our site created Just For You!


You deserve a drug-free future! We all do!