Taking Medication with Alcohol, yay or nay?

Etim was a regular at Caro’s bar. It was his sanctuary, his place to de-stress after a long day as a factory worker. “Na people wey get strong head fit drink painkiller with beer. One time! The headache go disappear!” an intoxicated Etim ranted to the hearing of no one. The bar was virtually empty […]

Drink Spiking: A Night Gone Bad

“You need to loosen up Abigail. All these ‘Virgin Mary’ antics won’t get you anywhere,” Lillian said, twirling the tip of her newly acquired Brazilian weave around her fingers.   “But I don’t want to go,” Abigail said with a tired look. She had just finished her last exam paper that evening and hadn’t slept […]

Dried Pawpaw Leaf: A Gateway Drug of Concern in the Fight against Drug Abuse

Recently, the pawpaw fruit, which we have grown to love for its sugary taste and texture that range from buttery smooth to crunchy has somewhat earned a bad reputation. In this narrative, the fruit is not the bone of contention but its leaf.   Over time, an average drug user gets used to the effect […]

Area Boy: A Stage Play Exposing the Many Vices of Substance Abuse

What better way to educate than through art? As part of efforts to increase the awareness on substance abuse, MTN Foundation during its recently held Anti Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP) roundtable in Lagos, organised a stage play to accurately spotlight issues around substance abuse among young drug users in Lagos.   Tagged ‘Area Boy’, the […]

One Sip, One Drag, Is All It Takes

Substance abuse. “Ade, take one na, why you dey do like baby? U no jasi at all o. Come on, take a drag, ‘Arizona’ is straight from Baba God o!”   No, it is not from a novel, or a film excerpt. These are jeers (Sometimes in languages other than Pidgin) slammed at millions of […]

Fighting the new ‘cool’

Substance abuse. What comes to mind when you hear the phrase? Perhaps a junkie in threadbare clothes, living on the roadside, talking to no one but themselves, or the rap star who goes everywhere with a red party cup containing a dangerous cocktail of mind altering substances.   Substance abuse may mean different things to […]