Drink Spiking: A Night Gone Bad

Drink Spiking: A Night Gone Bad

“You need to loosen up Abigail. All these ‘Virgin Mary’ antics won’t get you anywhere,” Lillian said, twirling the tip of her newly acquired Brazilian weave around her fingers.


“But I don’t want to go,” Abigail said with a tired look. She had just finished her last exam paper that evening and hadn’t slept well for days.

“You better prepare and join us at the party, Emeka will be there, and you know he likes you.” Lillian said with a sheepish smile. “It’s not like I am a stranger to you, nobody will beat you. Stop acting like a baby.”


Resting on one of the beds in her hostel room, Abigail, suddenly made up her mind to follow Lillian to the party. It had been a long time coming and she was sick and tired of Lillian treating her like a child. She had endured her mocking remarks for close to four years now. This time, she was going to prove to her that she had what it takes.

Later that evening, the pair arrived at the party in Corona bar. Emeka was throwing a party for no reason in particular. The party started at about 11pm but they arrived an hour early so that Abigail could get used to the setting. When asked her drink of choice, Abigail swiftly responded, “Please, give me a malt or juice.”

“How can you come to your first campus party and be taking malt or juice” a sneering Lillian quipped.

“Lillian! That is what I want biko (please)” Abigail replied with a frown.


Unknown to her, Lillian had other plans. Colluding (secretly planning) with the barman, Lillian made sure Abigail’s drink was spiked with alcohol and other drugs (psychoactive substances) that affects the brain’s normal functions. Though Lillian did this for the fun of recording and posting a video on social media that would embarrass her close friend; however, the event took a turn for the worse.


Emeka was known to have a crush on Abigail for a long time. Seeing Abigail in her intoxicated state, he diverted Lillian’s attention by giving her a bottle of champagne, whilst he planned with his close friends to move Abigail to one of the shabby rooms upstairs. In the room, Abigail with no resistance because of her state was raped several times by Emeka and his friends.


Abigail is now three months pregnant, yet to graduate and has lost all support from her family who believe that she has gone astray. Also, the rapists have refused to take responsibility for her pregnancy. They claim that it could have been any one of them saying, “e fit be any of us wey give am belle.”

Drink spiking simply means when drugs or alcohol are added to an unsuspecting victim’s drink (beverages) with the purpose of secretly drugging the person. With this narrative, it is clear that Abigail has no intention of abusing drugs but has found herself caught in the web of drug abuse due to peer pressure and influence, for which she has paid gravely for succumbing.


Here are ways that you can respond to avoid falling victim to drink spiking when offered:

● No. Thank you.

● I’m not into that.

● Alcohol is not my thing.

● I don’t feel like it right now, do you have any soda?

● I’m okay. Thanks.

● No, I’m training for a sports tournament

● No, I’m on the football team so I don’t want to risk it.

● No. I have to go soon. Stay safe.