“State of Drug Abuse in Lagos” by Mr. Agboola Dabiri

“State of Drug Abuse in Lagos” by Mr. Agboola Dabiri

The Anti Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP) roundtable ended on a high note on Thursday, February 27, at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, following extolment from the Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Lagos State, Mr. Agboola Dabiri.

Understanding the vulnerabilities of youths in the face of a growing drug culture, he called for more partnerships between foundations, ministries, regulatory and enforcement agencies to tackle the multifaceted villain (substance abuse) which preys on various aspects (e.g. mental,

socioeconomic) of abusers’ lives. He further praised the good work of the MTN Foundation on their timely ASAP initiative geared towards addressing drug abuse problems amongst youths.


“The issue of substance abuse requires the collaborative effort of every stakeholder and every sector; hence I wish to commend MTN once again for this initiative and their response to this clarion call. As stakeholders, I also wish to enjoin us to continually support one another in the quest to conquer the problem of substance abuse in Nigeria, and Lagos in particular,” he said.


Drawing from his personal experience as a child who grew up with a single parent, and the peculiar challenges that came with it, he implored the hundreds of youths who gathered at the conference to direct their energy into self-development and creative endeavours. He noted that substance abuse has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the moral and social fabric of the society. Addressing the growing problem, he said:

“The issue of drug abuse is no longer on our roads; it is inside our homes. For every 10 homes, believe it, you must have someone involved in drug abuse. We have the challenge in Lagos, drug abuse is a problem in Lagos, we don’t have to hide the effect anymore… it is a problem in Lagos and it is biting so hard.”

Mr. Agboola Dabiri,
Commissioner for Youth and Social Development,
Lagos State