Influencer Workshops


In order to sustain these advocacy efforts and identify resource individuals to serve as volunteers, a select number of influencers (persons with significant access to and influence on young persons who fall within the target audience) will be carefully selected and empowered to engage on the related subject matter during and after the interventions in the respective locations.


Accordingly, entries are requested from interested individuals who fit the description (such as: Teachers, Counsellors, Youth Leaders, Public Servants, Youth Pastors/Imams/Clerics, NonProfit & Youth Development Professionals, Digital Influencers, On-Air Personalities, Media Program Producers etc.) and can spare about 4 hours a week to support the #ASAP initiative in their respective locations after completing a mandatory 1-day workshop.


Please note that this is not a professional training or an accreditation course.


Only certificates of participation will be issued and this does not and will not qualify as a training exercise on Substance Abuse Prevention, Care or Rehabilitation.


The 1-day workshops are billed to hold between March – June 2019 and interested participants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.


The #ASAP Team will contact the selected individuals with details of the workshop, if successful.


Apply As An Influencer!